Friday, April 10, 2009

Gold is for rapper's teeth and investment-minded people

Does anybody have a gold coin I could use for a major investment in my future? No? Oh well. Don't need it anymore... You know why? Because now, I've got Monex Deposit Company (MDC). You know what that means, homie? It means that I can buy silver, gold, or any other precious metals that I deem awesome enough. And, I can get personal delivery in a timely fashion and convenient and safe storage at an independent bank or depository. They've been the leader in this for 30 years! Silver is available in two forms for investment: coin or ingot. Isn't that cool? What are ingots? They are pure bullion cast in a convenient size and shape. And we all know what coins are. They have currency value. Now is the time to do it! World demand for silver exceeds annual production, and has every year since 1990. Why? Above ground stockpiles. They are running on the low side and even shrinking at a rapid rate! But don't just take my blog's word for it. This whole "buying gold and using it as an investment tool" thing has been going on for years. I'm talking centuries. I'm talking centuries, which equals 100 years. You see, it's all about purchase power. It's unique. During the time of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans...all the way to more modern times...people have loved gold and considered it worth a lot. Men have been fascinated with the way it can change a life. But nowadays, it can diversify investments, protect your precious wealth and even preserve one's purchasing power! Isn't that awesome? I know if I bought gold I would want it to do those things for me. And the same is true for silver. Silver bullion is just as good for investment. And this is deep-rooted in history just as gold is. Since the end of WWII, the U.S. used to be the largest stockpiler of silver. But now it's dumped billions and billions of ounces of silver bars onto the world market. That has decreased silver prices. But what kind of products am I talking about? How about American eagle gold coins? You can buy them in units of 10 one-ounce coins for personal delivery! .9167 fine gold. Legal tender coin. You know: the best! Check MDC. They have plenty of other products as well. Most of them are just as good as this. And Monex prides itself on having the best us silver coin prices and programs of anybody in this industry. And their staff is dedicated, yo. I'm talking about the hardest hard asset pros in the industry!

Links that you will like

March Madness concludes tonight…in April. UNC is looking tough, but best of luck to the Michigan State Spartans of the downtrodden state of Michigan. It won’t solve the financial crisis, or the auto industry issues, but good for them for making it this far. The price of inspiration can’t be measured. (Or maybe it can… But if we knew that number, Roy Williams might even be begging UNC to let the Spartans win tonight.)

Here are some links from around the Internets today…

  • Ever seen a misleading search engine text ad on Google or Yahoo? Well, the FDA is objecting to a few drug companies and their click-thru aspirations.
  • Google uses Twitter to sell ads. (When are they going to just buy Twitter?)
  • Yahoo! Sports Blowing Out ESPN Online (Maybe that UConn story will even things up…)
  • Wow. McDonald’s ads in the Czech Republic are weird. This is a long way from Calvin…
  • The March Adness final: State Farm’s Lebron Cleveland Browns ad vs. Playstation’s “Dustin Pedroia vs. Jerry Lambert” ad
  • Amstel Light brings their 10-person “beer bike” to America. I just added 10 potentially-illegal immigrants to my pardon list.
  • Dr. Pepper’s ad displays the worst that could happen that probably never would.
  • Full-length Sony movies on YouTube? I hope David Lynch hasn’t heard about this.
  • And, just in case any of you were worried, Facebook and Twitter showed huge growth in March. Fear not. The takeover continues…

LA Times and fake articles

In a move that shows a clear sign of the times in the newspaper industry (and journalism), the Los Angeles Times ran a front page ad for NBC’s new show "Southland" that resembled a story. The ad ran despite objections from Times’ Editor Russ Stanton.

Despite the outcry created (especially in journalism circles), Publisher Eddy Hartenstein ran the ad to "ensure that The Times could continue to operate."

According to one critic:

"It’s unwise and ethically problematic to have advertising morph into news content and style," said Bob Steele, a journalism values scholar at the Poynter Institute and a professor at DePauw University. "Each step may seem like a small one. But each time you cut a corner, you create weakness in the overall product."

Sounds about right. The weak economy can’t become an excuse to bend the rules, no matter how trivial they may seem.

In other news,’s blog, "the world beyond recruiting," highhandedly apprehended a serial burglar early this morning. The so-called, "Sticky Bandit," has terrorized Marina Del Rey residents for the past six months, robbing their homes in the middle of the night and leaving "scotch tape all over the place," according to one LAPD officer who wished to remain nameless. Although not an actual person, "the world beyond recruiting," is being labeled a hero by absolutely everybody in the Los Angeles area, after discovering the burglar stealing a stack of DVDs from the blog’s living room early this morning. Despite objections from the burglar that "these DVDs will be obsolete in a year anyway!" the blog knocked out the burglar with its imaginary fist and Tweeted authorities. :This is totally a real news story, and is a true hero," said Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa this morning, as he awarded a key to the city and the "Los Angeles City Medal of Heroism," in a ceremony on the steps of City Hall. "It was totally awesome," continued Villaraigosa."

No word on the burglar’s current condition. has been contacted by VH1 and is in talks with the former music network/current reality television network to develop a reality show based on the blog’s crimefighting skills.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The last time I thought about silver, it was the color of a hot babe's dress

I'm serious. The last time I thought of silver it was the color of the smokin' hot babe's dress. The dress was so hot. Oh yeah, and silver is back, ya'll! That's right! It's back, and you can invest in it, and it's the bee's knees! (What does that expression mean?) Of course, I'm talking about MDC, or Monex Deposit Company. You can totally use them, and their services, to buy silver and other precious metals. And you can have these precious metals delivered to your house, personally. You can also conveniently store them in safe storage or an independent bank. Totally tubular, broham! So silver is available in two forms: coin and ingot. Those are what you get when you get silver. Got it? If you want to invest in one of these forms, you should. Ingots are generally silver ingots of pure bullion cast in a convenient size and shape. Coins have a currency value or they can also be defined as ingots. And right now, this time period we are in, folks, is the best, if not ever, for investing in silver bullion. You should do it. I'm strongly thinking about that ish. I mean, the world demand exceeds annual production! And it's been this way since 1990...every year! It's almost preposterous when you think about it. It's insanely fantastic. Silver bullion is low too, dog. Above ground stockpiles of it are getting so small! They are approaching zero. That's not good news! Also, Monex Precious Metals (MPM) is home to a staff that is so large, and so dedicated, that they decided to commit to you and help out with your precious metal investment needs. They are America's best dealer, with convenient market and competitive precious metals prices. That's what I'm talking about, silver. You are back on the map! Get on the train to Silver Town! (The train to Silver Town is made of silver.)

A very special message from T.I.

These days, if you ain't partyin', than you ain't gots yo stimulus check from tha gov yet. You dig? Hi. I'm Gangster Rap's T.I. I'm here to speak in regular english, with proper grammar, to talk to you about something very important. It's called, "rabies." Most people don't know what it is, but rabies is a degenerative disease that affects over 10 dogs a year nationally. Since I'm T.I., from Atlanta, where Michael Vick is from...and a hardcore rapper, I do, and am supposed to, like dogs. So I do. So that's why WOFRD (Watch Out For Rabies Dogs) has contacted me. They want me to talk to ya'll folk abouts it... Ahem...pardon me. I lost my head for a moment, chaps. In closing, watch out for rabies dogs. This message has been brought to you by T.I. speaking proper English.

My swag is serious

I just heard that lyric in a song. I thought swag was supposed to be fun. You are supposed to have swag because you are feeling good--not serious. What the hell, man? Where is music these days? I just don't get it. Maybe I need to go back to Junior High to understand the lyrics. Yo.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Victoria Drunkham (clever title)

Most of the time when we see Victoria Beckham, she’s all business, sporting a chiseled model’s façade. But in reality, it seems she loves to cut loose and have a good time. She parties, just like us! In a recent interview, the former Spice Girl confessed that she gets drunk, “all the time. We went to Napa for my birthday. David organized a surprise and we all got drunk and had a laugh.” She also revealed that beneath her sharp exterior lies a party-girl-at-heart. “You know I might look like a stony-faced pain-in-the-a** cow but in actual fact I like to have a laugh. I do like to have a drink and have a laugh, that kind of thing. I really don’t take myself too seriously, contrary to what people think. I think it’s important.” As for her dVb jeans brand, Posh says that she is all about being hands-on. She told press, “I do all the designing. I go to the factories. I work on the stuff. I think there are lots of celebrities, for want of a better word, I do hate celebrity because it does mean that you’re famous for absolutely doing nothing, a lot of them have licensing deals all over the place, and I actually am creative director of the dVb brand.” I can't wait until I meet her out sometime and can make out with her because she's drunk and I am too.

Drunk Fergie

Fergie was so drunk the other night. Seriously, did you hear about this? With all the crazy high-heeled shoes she seems to love wearing, it’s no wonder Fergie had a misstepping mishap last night. The “Big Girls Don’t Cry” singer was making her way from the Waverly Inn to her car when her 5-inch peep-toe platform heels caused her to almost hit the deck. Luckily, her bodyguard was holding her arm as she rolled her ankle, but the “My Humps” hottie still managed to scrape up her foot pretty badly. Clearly embarrassed, Fergie tried to play it off by smiling for the throng of paparazzi surrounding her, and managed to salvage some dignity. And for all of you Sex and the City: The Movie fans, you’ll be hearing plenty of Fergalicious singing come May 30th… Fergie sang the theme song. Enjoy the pictures of Fergie stumbling her way out of the Waverly Inn last night (May 7). I know I did. A lot. Man.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Gold is the new drunk

Numerous reports in saying that gold is the new drunk for college students. Instead of getting drunk and having fun with friends, they are just buying a lot of gold and precious metals and staring at them all night until they pass out. i just made that up. That's not true. But gold is a very good investment these days, as it's always been. If you use Monex Deposit Company (MDC) you can purchase gold (or other precious metals) and get them delivered to your place immediately (or a convenient safe storage place)! Or you can even use an independent bank or depository place! And they'll do this immediately! And they've been doing this for 30 years, man! That's 3 decades! Anyway, they are the leading gold and precious metals investment leader in the United States! And gold is a great product to invest in. It has two forms. Try coin or ingot. We all know what coin is. But what is ingot? Well, ingots are generally gold and pure bullion cast. That means they are made in a convenient size and shape. So they will never hassle you in the middle of the night when you are trying to sleep, and they also workout at the gym a lot. Get it? The whole art of buying gold has been recognized for centuries. People have always known that it is the way to wealth and purchasing power. Duh. Gold bullion is also a unique investment that the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans even used. And nowadays, they still do! So you should too! In fact, base all of your decision on what Egyptians, Greeks and Romans did! Heck, throw pirates and vikings in there too, dog! Gold can change men's lives. The golden bar today is a proven investment diversifier. (Did I mention "diversifier" is my favorite word.) It protects your wealth, and your purchasing power! Monex Precious Metals is home to a large and dedicated staff of hard asset pros who are absolutely committed to serving your precious metal investment needs. They are this country's best dealer, with a convenient market and competitive prices! If that doesn't sounds good, I don't know what is. We are at war, so by gold.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What a dummie (I've never used that expression before.)

Paula Abdul, taking a page from the Isiaiaiaiah Washington school of kicking sleeping dogs has decided to go on the offensive against all those hating on her substance abuse problem. She Said (re: rumors she does a mix of crack/cocaine/meth/PCP before going on the air): That’s nonsense, the 44-year-old “Idol” judge tells Us Weekly magazine in its February 16 issue. “I’ve never been drunk. I have never done recreational drugs,” she says. “Just look at my 20-year career. Tell me someone who is into partying or doing drugs that could have done that.” Wow. There’s a lot to deal with there. First off, Keith Richards. Secondly, what 20-year career? Third, if you were high as a kite on prescription drugs just say so. We’ve all taken our meds twice on accident. In your case the 500mg double dose of horse tranquilizers would truly mess your 100lb frame up, we get it. “I have never missed a live show,” Abdul notes. “Even when I had surgery on my hand (for an infection caused by a botched manicure in 2004), I left my hospital bed to go to the show.” Technically this is true. She’s never missed a show. However, there have been shows that they chose not to “show her on camera” because she kept mentioning that “tweety bird was stealing her moon rover.” Say it with me... You've Gotta Be Kidding Me!

Get drunk and play golf

Tiger Woods was three strokes down with five holes to play to some cat named J.B. Holmes at the Accenture Match Play Championship. Naturally, he won one-up. Woods was 3 down with five holes to play when he holed a 15-foot birdie putt on the 14th. Then came Holmes’ lone mistake down the stretch, a three-putt from behind the 15th that allowed Woods to lag his 18-footer for birdie, and he was walking to the hole when it dropped, charging up the gallery. Then came a 20-foot birdie on the 16th to square the match, followed by a 35-foot eagle to complete his amazing rally. And when Holmes missed an 8-foot birdie on the final hole, Woods had escaped with a 1-up victory. “You’re playing the best player in the world, 3 up with five to play,” Holmes said. “I just said, ‘Don’t do anything stupid. Make him beat you.’ And he did. What do you do?” Tiger might as well just start putting himself in these sorts of holes, just to see if he can play out of them. Like, at the Masters he could play the entire first round using just a five iron. Then at the U.S. Open he could play left-handed. Just some stuff to make things interesting, that’s all.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Epocrates will help you get drug info

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates. You ever needed a free drug reference for iphone? Sure, we all have. Well...what if I told you that you could have one? Don't believe me? You will... So physicians (otherwise known as doctors) are going mobile. That's right. I'm not talking about the old school pagers they used to carry. I'm talkin' iPhones baby. Drug information is now always on call with Epocrates. More than 50% of doctors now use PDAs or smartphones. Epocrates is a big part of this. They are pretty much credited with the whole thing! Their medical reference software is seriously used by over 500,000 healthcare professionals, man! That's a lot! Unbelievable! They have a completely loaded drug guide on their PDA or smartphone. These clinicians are ballin'! They can access all this crazy information that they need to prescribe the right medicine. And they can get it RIGHT NOW! They can access information to help you with drug dosing, side effects and health plan coverage. (Does somebody smell awesome? I think I smell awesome.) Want an example though? You don't trust me? Okay, fine. Well, if a physician (let's call him Dr. Dreigh) is prescribing an antibiotic for a stubborn sinus infection, but the patient is already on Coumadin, then Dr. Dreigh would pull out his trusty PDA/smartphone and try to find any possible harmful interactions between the two drugs. That way, he will know before he rights the prescription. And he doesn't even have to leave the exam room to go logon to an old school Apple computer, or to ask his nurse, or one of the drug dealers in the waiting room who is waiting to have his gunshot wounds treated after a deal went bad. He doesn't have to deal with any of that! You still want to know more? You want to know exactly what the Epocrates drug reference guide offers? Okay. How about this: Free medical Pocket PC software Free medical Palm software Free medical Windows Mobile software They also launched a free drug reference for BlackBerry devices. That's what I'm talking about Epocrates! And they aren't stopping there. They are working closely with Apple to develope a downloadable drug guide for iPhones too! That will be great when that comes out. But in the meantime, doctors with an iPhone or iPod Touch can access Epocrates content by visiting on their Safari web browser. Epocrates: Not Socrates, but making all the doctors say please, we need more!

Reggie Kardashian

As Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush continue to make entertainment news followers nauseous with their public displays of affection, the couple will be glad to know it has at least one fan: Kim’s stupidly-named sister, Khloe Kardashian, says the pair should get married. Maybe. But not too soon. It’s serious stuff, after all. “I hope [they get married], I love Reggie. I think they complement each other,” Khloe kommented. “But I still think it’s early, I don’t know. People want to rush everything. She’s amazing. She’s so mature, she’s so the girl that’s like a one-guy person. That takes a teamwork thing. They have to grow together. It’s like a serious step.” Wow, I'm glad I know what's going on now! Thanks a lot! Reggie Bush needs to work on his game more though.

Ever been drunk at a carnival?

Back in 1997, Tucker Max and I decided that we were going to go visit Slingblade down at the Kentucky State Fair. It was the summer after I had left Duke Law School, and I knew that Slingblade would be down for the visit because he had recently broken up with his woman because they were watching TV one day and she called Jude Law a hunk. So on the way down--in my beemer--Tucker and I decided to do what every college-aged kid does when they drive: drink. Little did we know, however, that drinking was actually illegal while driving (in Kentucky...don't know about other states). So I got pulled over for swerving into oncoming traffic. I ended up blowing a .4 and was locked up all night for a DUI while Tucker fucked my girlfriend, later that night behind a dive bar. It was a great night!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Gold is what you buy if you want to get rich

Sometimes in life, there are constants... Not very often, but sometimes, there are. But you want to know what my favorite constant is? You guessed it: gold. Gold is what makes me get up in the morning and brush my teeth...with a tooth brush that is disappointingly not made of gold (not even the bristles). When it comes to buying silver, gold, and other precious metals and coins, you have options th Right? But there is only one Monex Deposit Company (MDC) that you really want to use. I'm serious; everybody else you use will suck. How about personal delivery to wherever you want? How about convenient and safe sotrage at an independent bank or depository in America? That's what Monex has got for ya. It's been 30 years too. And after all that time, they are America's leader in investments of the gold, silver and precious metal persuasion. Tubular! Silver and gold can be available in coin or ingot form if you want to invest in it. They can be pure bullion cast. They can be convenient in size and shape. This is absolutely the time to buy silver/gold. The demand on this planet, that is the third rock from the sun, for silver far exceeds annual production. In fact, it's done this every single year and month since 1990. Well, at least every year. There are above ground stockpiles of silver bullion that are really low, and shrinking. In fact, I don't even think you can call them stockpiles anymore. They are really just piles now. You know about gold too, man? It's pretty interesting. It's been recognized for literally, and romantically, centuries as one of the absolutely coolest, and best way to preserve one's personal wealth and power of purchasing. It's unique. It's diverse. It's shiny. And ever since the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans did it, people took notice and decided that gold will always be worth something. If there were a better time for buying silver bullion...well...there just isn't. The U.S. government even buys it, because their silver hoard (that they had around WWII) is gone. So buying silver bars is a good idea. And American eagle gold coins are available in units of 10 one-ounce coins for personal delivery only. .9167 fine gold. Legal tender coin in the USA with a $50 face value. You cool with that? They are also available for personal delivery in fractional sizes of ounce, ounce and 1/10 ounce, in units of 20 coins each. Monex prides themselves on having the best US silver coin prices and programs in the entire silver coin industry. If that doesn't remind you of the truth, I don't know what does. It's the absolute truth. It's the answer to your gold needs. They have a dedicated staff that likes to be dedicated. They like to show dedication. More dedicated than a Lil Wayne mix tape. They are America’s best dealer with a convenient market and competitive precious metals prices. Check them out now, man!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dogs in America in Hollywood

In America, the poodle became so unpopular in the 1920s it almost died out - can you imagine a poodle-parlour free world? Yet the poodle was originally a tough, butch breed, a water dog renowned for its duck hunting skills, without a bow in sight. The name is from the German for puddle (pfudel), and those little puffs of fancily trimmed fur at ankle and tail, as well as the No. 1 close shave on the upper thighs were first of all practical - designed for protection and mobility when hunting and swimming. And fish hunting. And Scuba Diving. Yet Brand Poodle was relaunched in France - retiring their oh-so 16th Century practical dog tags for coiffed treeses, sculpted locks and multicoloured fur coats, more elaborate than their owners. They went on to become the ultimate fashion accessory for the French aristocracy in the 17th and 18th Century. Come into the 2000s and it seems the Poodle needs another rebrand, to shed this silly skin and back away from the stigma of the silly haircuts. It's not going too well. Take one random poodle story. Best of Breed winner at last year's Welsh Kennel Club show, La Marka Lemerle Oscar Wilde (ahem). Disqualified after being found wearing hairspray. It's an illegal substance now - banned by the Kennel Club. The equivalent of steroids for canines. In the past, dog owners used to do all sorts to preen their pooches prior to ringside performance - add chalk, hair mousse or shine, but alas! no longer! So, Wilde's owner is screaming sabotage! He said: "I'm not saying there wasn't hairspray on my dog, but I didn't put it there." So, we are left with a mystery on our paws, who was the elusive hairspraying menace - and when will he strike again? Perhaps it was another dog. Because I know it ain't no bulldog that would do that.

I'm so sober right now

You know what's awesome? Nothing? Right. Now that that's out of the way, let's get down to business. This weekend in Arizona is going to be the best experience of 2008 so far--which is not tough. So far, let's recap my 2008: -Dated Clippers cheerleader for a month -Dated a few other girls -worked on my website -worked entertainment temp jobs for not too much money -have felt like I am in trouble if I don't right the ship soon -feel almost like I wasted 4 years -went to the Orange Bowl Yeah, I'd say this weekend will easily top all others so far. Hopefully it will be topped soon as well, but if just will. There's no way that this weekend will be the most fun of the year. That's not possible. Bye.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm an exec, but I need a job! Help!

There are times in this life when big time executives lose their jobs. In these times of unemployment crisis, it's time to either sell your house or look into an executive recruiting firm. Ever since this country was full of dirty, smelly hippies who now are glorified in IBM commercials, back in 1967, A.E. Feldman Associates, Inc., has been a big part of the recruiting field, and have had a high level of service and commitment. They have upheld this level for a long time, and they have no plans of stopping now. They have successfully placed a lot of top-notch candidates together with industry-leading clients. That skill makes them awesome, for one, but also, it tends to lead to a good reputation, and, believe me, they are consistent. This makes the one searching for work, and the company seeking an employee, content, dog. All of their top-of-the-hill recruiters know their respective industry. The industry they recruit for is the exact same industry where this recruiter had a history--a successful career of their own. They bring an invaluable depth of experience, skill and insight because of this. Those are 3 words I know I want associated with my recruiter. And these geniuses have the knowledge, contacts and the feel for their respective field. Coolness, dude! They'll even use it to find the tightest fit for each and every job. Now if that isn't what you call productivity, what is? Seriously...I don't know! Well, I'll tell you right now, that if you don't know, I'll tell you: Their practices include financial and risk management services, legal and legal support services, communications and technology, human resources consulting, and luxury products. And within those nostalgic areas, you better believe AEF fills positions. If they don't, I'll delete my blog and leave this world on a spaceship. What positions though? Well, they do this nationally, and I'm talking about positions from the middle, to executive, all the way up to "C level" management. And then some. They also fill associate, partner, analyst and managing director positions. They are worktastic...if that was a real word, according to Webster's.

Spice it up, ya'll

After a grueling 3 month stint on the road, the party is just about over for the Spice Girls Reunion Tour. While Les Spices didn't quite get to visit all the countries they promised to visit at the onset of the tour, the ladies did manage to bring their Reunion Tour to quite a few cities across the US and Europe (some cities were lucky enough to enjoy multiple night shows ... which is odd since other cities (and countries, for that matter) were completely omitted altogether). But the sun will set on the Spice Girls Reunion Tour tonight as they play their very last show (reportedly their last show together ever) in Toronto, Canada (after playing their second to last show there last night) ce soir. If I didn't know any better, I'd say the show fucking sucked. Oh wait, I do know better, and I'm right. Celebrity gossip is retarded. If you made it to this point, go take a shower.

Letterman show gossip

Blake Lively was spotted making her grand entrance to "The Late Show with David Letterman" in NYC on February 5, and I just have to wonder... did she change her outfit before she filmed the show? I didn't catch the episode, did anyone see if Blake did a little outfit switcheroo? Don't get me wrong, her outfit is basic and cute, but it's not really Letterman appropriate, right? She started with a light brown bomber jacket and paired with a basic scoop neck tee (like Rails' Kenna Long Sleeve Tee in Cream) and dark jeans (similar to James Jeans' Hunter High Rise Straight Leg Jean in Blue C), then slipped on a pair of suede boots and she was entrance ready. For those of you who can't get enough "Gossip Girl", it seems that there are some behind-the-scenes rumors that are causing a lot of, ahem, gossip. Allegedly, right before (and during) the writer's strike, the tension on set was skyrocketing between Blake and co-star Leighton Meester, as a source said, "Leighton Meester and Blake Lively avoid each other like the plague while castmates choose sides. Chace Crawford tends to stick close to Leighton, while Penn Badgley hangs on and offscreen with Blake. The crew will snag Blake for a scene just moments before it is shot so they can avoid any awkwardness with Leighton." I wonder sometimes why these people are the way they are.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Silver is back and you should be excited

I'm getting really sick of the way the U.S. dollar is performing. I feel like this economy is fucked. But, luckily...there is still other investments that you can invest in--like silver. In fact, there is somebody who will help you. Monex Depost Company (MDC). They will help you immediately and you can purchase silver or even other precious metals that will immediately be delivered, personally, to you, if you want. Or, you can arrange for a convenient and safe storage at absolutely, positively, realistically, any independent bank and/or depository. It makes me feel a lot better about the dollar. I don't know if it affects it, but it makes me feel slightly better. Especially since they've been doing this for 30 years and have been America's silver and precious metals investment leader. It's available in two forms for ya: coin or ingot. What's the difference? A lot of people ask that. Well, ingots are generally silver ingots of a pure bullion cast. It's a small little nugget in a convenient size and shape. And, of course, coins are coins; they have a currency value, or are actually defined by ingots. The demand for silver in this world is high too. It exceeds the annual production. It has every year since 1990. Isn't that crazy? Every, single, year, bro. Fuck yeah, I'm stoked just typing that. And like Bubba Gump Shrimp, and the different ways to prepare that petite crustacean, there are different ways silver is stored. There are above ground stockpiles of silver bullion that are low, and shrinking rapidly. I mean, it's approaching zero, people. Monex Precious Metals is home to a large and dedicated staff. They have hard asset professionals committed to serving your precious metals investment needs yo. They are America's best dealer with a convenient market and competitive precious metals prices. As they say in my weekly Golf Tips podcast, "That's what I'm talking about." -Drunk Blogger

I'm actually excited about this...

President of Porsche Cars North America, Peter Schwarzenbauer, will unveil the 2008 Porsche Cayenne GTS at a breakfast before the public opening of the Chicago Auto Show. Schwarzenbauer will demonstrate how an SUV can be fun to drive and earn a high performance rating in addition to its utilitarian configuration. Many of Porsche’s latest engineering innovations are incorporated in the new GTS model. He can also answer questions on the state of the sports car market in the U.S. BACKGROUND: The Porsche Cayenne has been the best-selling Porsche model since it was introduced in February, 2003. A hybrid model, still in the design stage, was announced recently to join the model line by 2010. The 2008 Cayenne GTS being introduced in Chicago features a 405hp 4.8 liter V-8 engine. Based on the same V8 found in the Cayenne S, this more robust powerplant can be coupled either with an automatic Tiptronic S or, for the first time in a Cayenne V8, a six-speed manual transmission for those who want to take full advantage of this new power and suspension package. The GTS gets its cornering prowess from standard 21-inch alloy rims equipped with 295/35 R21 tires and air suspension that features Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM). The Cayenne GTS front end is reminiscent of the Cayenne Turbo while the body has a lower stance and a striking new wheel-arch design that complements the new 21-inch rims. The interior boasts redesigned front and rear seats that offer a sportier look and feel with Alcantara to hold both driver and passenger in place during spirited driving. The 2008 Cayenne GTS goes on sale this and pricing for this new model is US $69,300.

Cherful news

I, along with the rest of the world, am very relieved to hear that Cher plans to fulfill her obligation to Caesar's Palace and share the stage with Bette Midler starting in May. First we heard that Cher was having special treatments for "tummy troubles." Then we heard the unsettling news that a source had bumped into Cher in the waiting room at the UCLA Medical Center in the outpatient treatment center for cancer patients having chemotherapy. Supposedly, Cher was seen there twice with a bodyguard by her side. Since she's gearing up to perform in May, we figure Cher was there not for treatment herself, but waiting for someone- maybe even Farrah Fawcett. And the show WILL go on in Las Vegas! That's what I'm talking about, Cher. Kick some getting old ass!